New Version of The Hare and The Tortoise (ft. B.A.P & Tao, Kris EXO)

Once, lived two bestfriends in a jungle. They’re The Hare and The Tortoise. The Tortoise was a very patient creature, while The Hare was too stubborn. The Hare liked to make fun of his bestfriend by calling him “Heavy Walker”.

One day, The Hare wanted to trick The Tortoise cause he knew that The Tortoise was approaching a female turkey. He wanted to make his friend embarrassed by asking him to race. He was sure that he would win the race easily.

Surprisingly, The Tortoise agreed the challenge. He asked The Hare to race on the next day. The track of race was around the jungle which have very wide area. So, the track was so long.

The next day, at 6 a.m, The Hare and The Tortoise already at the start line. Their friends was there too to give them support. Most of them yell out The Tortoise’s name. Because The Tortoise was a kind creature, he had a lot of friends. The female turkey was there too. She came to give support to The Tortoise. Then, the race was started by order of The Chicken. The Hare immediately ran so fast and The Tortoise walk with his highest velocity.

In the other place, suddenly, member of BAP fell from sky. They were confused because they didn’t know what place it is. So, they just sat under the tree. From the distance, member of BAP saw The Hare. They were very excited because their group symbol is Matoki or bunny. The Hare was panted because he was tired.

“Hey! What are you doing? Why are you running like that?” asked Zelo.

“I’m racing!”

“Are you tired? We could help you to win.” Himchan gave offer.

“Are you look down at me?! I can do this by myself! I don’t need your help! You know, i’m the fastest one in this jungle!”

“Okay, whatever… And, who is your rival?” asked Yongguk.

“The Tortoise,” and The Hare went away.

“So, let’s help The Tortoise! I’m sure he still behind us!” said Jongup.

Then, BAP walked to the opposite side of The Hare. But, after they walked for a long time, they still didn’t meet The Tortoise. They almost give up.

“Ya! It is The Tortoise!” shouted Youngjae.

“Let’s help him!” Zelo ran to The Tortoise.

“Hello! We are BAP! We want to help you to win!” Daehyun accosted The Tortoise.

“Really?! Oh, thank you!” The Tortoise was so happy.

Yongguk lifted up The Tortoise. He brought The Tortoise first. BAP ran as soon as they can. They tried to chase after The Hare.  They brought The Tortoise by rotation, until they have ran a half of the way. They felt very tired, so they decided to take a rest. Suddenly, someone felt in front of them. They were surprised and they helped that person. That person was Tao from EXO.

“Thanks for helping me.” Said Tao.

“Yea, never mind.” Said Yongguk.

Tao looked at Himchan who brought The Tortoise. “Oh My God! Is that a Tortoise?”

“Yes, it is.” Said Himchan.

“Why do you bring The Tortoise?” Tao asked.

“We are helping him to win the race. But we are so tired, so we are taking a rest. Would you mind to help us?” Zelo asked.

“Sure!” Tao replied.

Tao showed his hand. BAP looked at him with a strange glare. Suddenly, the wind stopped breezing, the leaves stopped swinging, and the birds stopped flying, they were motionless in the air. And in the other place, The Hare who was only ten steps to the finish line, suddenly stopped.

“What happen?” Jongup asked.

“I have a super power, i can stop the time.”

BAP clapped their hand. “Waaaa cool!!!”

Then seem a man walked to them. It was Kris from EXO.

“I want to help The Tortoise too. Let’s fly!!”

Suddenly Kris changed form into a big dragon. BAP and Tortoise were surprised, but Tao was not surprised because he already knew the super power that belong to Kris..

“Come on my back!!” said Kris.

They were went up on Kris. And then Kris brought them to fly in the air. They were amazed with the scenery. Finally they saw the Finish Line.

“Go down! Go down!!” said The Tortoise.

Kris went down to the ground. Himchan put The Tortoise right on the Finish Line and Tao started the time.

“I WIN!!!!” The Tortoise yelled.

The other animals were surpised saw The Tortoise because one second ago, they saw The Hare which only ten steps from Finish Line. But it was not important anymore, The Tortoise won the race!

“Thank you so much for helping me. Thanks BAP, Tao, and Kris!” said The Tortoise.

“It’s okay.” Said BAP, Tao, and Kris.

Only The Hare who still confused.

“But.. But how can it be?? That should be me!” said The Hare, but one noticed him.

Poor Hare…………



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