ROOKIE!!!! #warn : bad english

I Love Rookie Groups!!! They’re cute, you know? My mother made the wrong decision, cause of that, now everyday i can watching Arirang and KBSWorld. My favorite program is Pops In Seoul, Showbiz Korea, Simply Kpop, sometimes Korea Today, the Kdramas, and absolutely MUSIC BANK!! I know rookie group cause of that and i’m bored cause heard their songs all time. The Seeya, NS Yoon G, A-Jax, BIGSTAR, C-Clown, Rania, EXID, Fiestar, LUNAFLY, and many more! Their songs is played over and over. And then i know the song but i don’t know what group that sings that song ._. Oh, and then i can watched KBS Song Festival (Gayo Daejun) I’m happy but i cant watched the part 2 cause my sister watched The Lord Of The Ring. I want watch that once more!!! And im obsessed with Hoya’s butt, i see that all time (lol) I’m very happy! My father always accompany me when watch Music Bank. And when he watched Boyfriend – Janus, he said “the voice/sound is bad”, at that time its raining so i turned on the speaker, and the sounds is not too clear. I replied “Boyfriend’s voice or the speaker’s sound?” with worried. My father just shut his mouth -__-

But, tottaly thats fun so much! Thank mom! I Love you!

And i would like to share my favorite group in recent time!


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