★ Me?

Halo Hello!

Dugeunkyoo is here! My Korean name is Jung Eunkyo, and i decided to put dugeun (dugeun) which mean pit-a-pat or something with Eunkyo, and voila! we get dugeunkyo. Or you can call me Ay or Aye (read: A-ye). My ultimate group is B.A.P who’s going through a hard time right now, so let’s support B.A.P! I like a lot of rookie or you can say nugu groups. Not a lot actually, not that much, just some. I like Topp Dogg (yes! they’re my header!), Boys Republic, Seventeen, and IKON (waiting since 2013 bruh), even Block B.

I started this blog when i was in junior high schol and i’m now in my last year of high school. Since i entered high school, i’ve became really busy and kind of neglecting this blog. I don’t have a lot of time and i’m too lazy to open my blog. Hopefully after i graduated and become a college girl, i can update more often! Yea, even if it’s just some random post.  I made this blog because i love kpop and i want to write. But now i’m not too sure. I want to share everything! Let’s just wait for a year and see what will happen to this blog, kay?

I do write and edit. But i’m lazy. I’m not improving and i couldn’t finish my story. Inspiration always comes late and i don’t wait for it anymore! I can work without inspiration, haha.

Find me here and say hi :





Ps : aygoox is my other nickname, as well as suhogokil and randomaknae, even babyz519. If you come across those name on some sites or forum, then that’s me!


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